Fibre to Fabric

Q 1 Fill in the blanks
1 Wool is obtained from of sheep/yak
2 wool is common in ladakh/tibet
3 Mahair wool is obtained from
4 Under fur of kashmiri goats is woven into shawls/ fibers called .
5 & yield wool obtained in south Africa .
6 Shearing sorting .
7 breed is used for hostery wool .
8 breed is the good quality wool find in Punjab & Rajasthan
9 The carpet wool is obtained from
10 In Jammu and Kashmir we find breed of woolen shawls
11 bacteria causes fatal blood disease called sorters disease
12 Rearing of silk worms is called
13 Larvae form egg of female silkworm are called
14 Caterpillar
15 is the most common silk moth
16 Caterpillar secrets fibers made up of
17 The covering of silk fibers around pupa is called
18 country leads the world in silk production
19 & are two stages in life history of silk moth which are directly related to production of silk
20 Scientific name of mulberry silk is
Q 2 Why do wool yielding animals have thick coat of hair ?
Q 3 Define selective breeding
Q 4 Name the two types of fibers that form fleece of sheep ?
Q 5 What are sheep’s fed with
Q 6 In short explain the steps involved in processing fibers into wool ?
Q 7 Discuss occupational hazard in wool industry
Q 8 Name any 3 for following
1 Type of silk
2 Wool yielding animals
Q 9 Explain rearing of silkworms
Q 10 Explain in shorts steps involved in obtaining silk from cocoon
Q 1
1 fleece
2 yak
3 angora goat
4 patina shawls
5 Llama , Alpaca
6 scouring
7 patanwadi
8 carpet wool
9 nali
10 bakharwal
11 Anthrax
12 sericulture
13 caterpillar , silkworm
14 pupa
15 mulberry , morus
16 silk
17 cocoon
18 cocoon , pupa
20 mores
A – 2 These hair traps air and air is poor conductor of heat , so they keep the animal warm .
A -3 This process of selecting parents for obtaining speacial characters in their offspring, such as soft under hair in sheep , is termed ‘selective breeding ‘
A-4 Coarse beard hair
fine soft under hair
A – 5 They are herbivores and prefer grass and leaves
They also fed them the mixture of pulses,corn.jowar .
In winters sheep are kept indoor and fed on leaves , grain and dry fodder .
A-6 Shearing – Fleece of sheep with thin layer of skin is removed
Scouring – It is process of removal of dust and dirt from sheared hair
Sorting – Hair of different texture are seprated
In next process burrs are removed from the hair
Fibres are dyed in this process Eg. Brown , white
Then it is straightained and rolled into yarn

A 7 Sorters jobs are risky because sometimes they got infected by a disease called ANTHRAX . Which cause blood disease called sorter’s disease
A 8 *
1 Mulberry silk
2 Tassar silk
3 koja silk
1 Sheep
2 goat
A 9 The rearing of silk worms for obtaining silk is called sericulture
A 10
Rearing – A female silk moth lays hundred of eggs at a time
Processing – A pile of cacoons is used for obtaining silk fibres
Reeling – the process of taking out threads from Cocoon for used of silk is called reeling .

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